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Nike Kobe 11 Flyknit Basketball Shoes break in the structure of our perception of this originally. From the bottom of Science and Technology who,Kobe 11 Elite uses the same configuration Kobe 10, namely, the concept of the forefoot into the Free Lunarlon, the heel is the Zoom Air. but in the bottom structure, Kobe 11 Elite and Kobe 9 is similar to using embedded within the midsole insole practices. and interesting is that, thanks to the use of dynamic outsole, Kobe 11 Elite outside the insole, complete give up in the end, which in turn is followed by Kobe 9 with a thin layer of padding that some innovation. As a result, Kobe 11 Elite lighter weight than its predecessor, but in the shock absorption performance, but in no way inferior to Kobe 10.
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